Unaccompanied Minor

At Kenya Airways, the unaccompanied minor is a passenger whose age is comprised between 5 and 14 years. And who does not travel with a person who is at least 18 years old and can be responsible for him throughout the trip.

In order to be accepted on board, the parents of the underage travelers must reserve the flight tickets at least 24 hours before the flight.

Junior passengers may also travel on flights with stops which may be served by other airlines. For that, it is enough to have the agreement of all the operators concerned.

Note: Travelers under the minimum age and who travel with their parent on board but in two different cabins must pay the full cost of their trip.

Regarding fare of flight, the junior travelers do not benefit from any reduction on the price of the air ticket.

The Kenyan airline does not accept to book a plane ticket to board from a transfer. In addition, minors are not accepted on night flights.

Travelers who are members of the Kool Fliers program (destined to  students) are exempt from charges for minors traveling alone on board.

Before you go to the airport with your child, please complete the UM form.

For more information on your child’s travel arrangements on Kenya Airways, call +254 203.274.747

Important: Passengers under five years old are not allowed to travel alone on Kenya Airways operated routes.

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