Animal transport

Kenya Airways does not allow any traveler to transport his animal either in the cabin or in the hold, however, he can transport it as cargo.

In the cabin, the Kenyan carrier only accepts the transport of emotional support dogs accompanying passengers with reduced mobility.

The transport of service dogs in the cabin is free and subject to the same conditions than that of guide dogs.

– They must respect all the health requirements of the countries of departure, arrival and / or correspondence.

– The passenger responsible for the animal must provide proof of the certification and the use that he does of animal.

– The animal can travel without a cage, however, they must not obstruct the aisles.

– Its behavior must be irreproachable in all circumstances

– A seat which offers the most space possible will be proposed, but your dog will not be able to occupy a seat.

– A medical certificate which dates of less than one year is obligatory.

– Animals which travel in the cabin must be clean and must not pose a danger to anyone.

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