Kenya Airways Cargo, a company ranked among the world’s leading freight carriers. With a fleet of 250 aircraft including 15 all cargo aircraft.

The African airline operator serves network which includes 65 destinations in 58 countries, served via its hub in Nairobi. He offers in addition to the dedicated space in the hold all-cargo flights to more than 50 destinations.

K.A Cargo possesses installations designed for the transportation of all types of products, these state-of-the-art infrastructures located within Jomo-Kenyatta hub meet the most demanding international standards.

Ranked among the largest air cargo companies in Africa, Kenya Airways Cargo serves more than fifty cargo-only destinations worldwide through its Nairobi base, offering cargo services to more than thirty key Business and Leisure destinations on board. of his twenty planes.

The Kenya Airways Cargo fleet now includes eight cargo aircraft, it over 65,000 tons annually in its freighters and aircraft belly to and from the airline’s network.

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