Denied boarding

In the event of denied boarding (overbooking), cancelled flight or delayed flight Kenya Airways, passengers can claim their rights to compensation or reimbursement.

First of all, be aware that any airline has the obligation to inform passengers of their rights to cancellation, overbooking or significant delay.

To qualify for compensation and / or reimbursement, the passengers concerned must of course have a proper reservation on the flight in question and respect the required check-in times

luggof flights:

Passengers who are the victims of a flight cancellation must also receive compensation under the same conditions as for overbooking. However, compensation in case of cancellation is not mandatory in one of the following cases:

– if the cancellation of flight is made because of exceptional circumstances or a case of greatest Strength.

– if the company proves that it has informed the passenger at least two weeks before the departure day

Flight Delay

In case of significant delay at the start of a flight, Kenya Airways must provide assistance to passengers waiting in the airport (hotel, meals …). This obligation of assistance is applied when your plane is delayed by at least:

– 2 hours (<1500km)

– 3 hours (>1500km)

– 4 hours (>4500km)

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  1. Susan Griesel

    Flight KQ765 departed Johannesburg 30 mins late on 12.10.2019 and they would not let us board our connecting flight despite having 30 mins in hand still. As a result our flights were rescheduled which resulted in 26 hour lay over time, and losing out on nights accommodation in Basel. Further, we were given no allowance for our 10 hour layover in Amsterdam.

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