Loyalty Program

Kenya Airways, an airline serving a network which includes hundreds of destinations around the world. A member of the Skyteam alliance, the Kenyan airline invites its passengers to sign up for its Flying Blue loyalty program, which opens doors to a world of travel.

By becoming a member of the Kenya Airways Reward Program, you can:

– Earn bonus miles, status and elites

– Transfer earned miles to airline tickets or other services

– Earning points by traveling the Kenya carrier, but also with the various operators belonging to the alliance.

Terms of use of miles

In addition to earning miles each time they book a flight or purchase a service from the Kenyan airline, Flying Blue Rewards members can also earn miles by flying on routes served by all Skyteam operators. , the famous alliance which includes 20 air carriers including Air Europa, Air France, Copa and Middle East Airlines, Tarom and Korean Air, …

Important: Flying Blue members offer miles depending on the fare of ticket, class of travel, journey traveled, …

The miles points will not be credited to the member’s account if the booking subclass is not: NA, Y, B, M, U, K, H, L, Q, T, R, E, N, G, V, W, Z, C, D, I, J

Type of miles

Two types of miles must first be distinguished: on the one hand, the Bonus Miles which are exchangeable for discounts or freebies, and on the other hand, Status Miles which define the membership status.

Bonus Miles / Status: These are calculated as follows: Travel (in miles) x accumulation percentage of the booking subclass, the latter is detailed as follows:

Business class:  de 125% à 175%

Economy Class: de 25% à 100%

View the balance miles

The Flying Blue Loyalty Program offer you opportunities to view and know the number of miles credited to your account. Go to www.flyingblue.com/account/login.html?ref=/account/my-balance.html and login by entering your email or number FB and your PIN.

Mileage Calculator: 

To calculate the value of the miles, just search for a ticket, note its price and consult the Kenya Airways calculator (go to www.flyingblue.com/calculator/earn.html) to find out how much miles are needed to get a discount.

It is necessary then divide the price by the number of miles to get their value.

Example: a ticket Nairobi-Paris costs 55.000KES (450€), if one uses 50.000 miles, one can benefit from a reduction of 37.000KES (300€).

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