Reduced Mobility

Persons with disabilities or who require special assistance are taken care of by Ethiopian Airlines.

Indeed, Kenya Airways can’t accept travelers who can’t be autonomous on board except that he travels with a person who is physically and mentally fit.

Wheelchairs are provided free of charge to physically disabled persons at the airports served by Kenya Airways.

Passengers with reduced mobility can travel in group on Kenya Airways flights, except if they are under 18 years, on the day of the flight.

In order to provide the necessary equipment that the disabled traveler will need on board and at the airport. K.A asks its passengers to report their case to Kenya Airways customer service, at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight.

When booking their ticket online, passengers have the opportunity to fill out their request for assistance. They can also inform a customer advisor by phone, by calling

En gros, pour qu’ils soient autorisés à voyager seul avec Kenya Airways, les voyageurs handicapés doivent  être capables de monter, descendre ou se déplacer en cabine sans aide, ou avec une aide

superficielle (handicaps auditifs, visuels ou intellectuels).

In order to be allowed to travel alone with Kenya Airways, disabled travelers must be able to get on, go down, move around the cabin without help, …

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