The company based at the airport of Nairobi at the disposal of its passengers. the new on-line recording device being set up for all flights.

You can register directly at the airport, but Kenya Airways advises to do it online. This option which presents several advantages. First of all, this allows you to print the boarding cards of all your flights up to 30 days before departure. No need to find a printer during your vacation to get your boarding pass for the return, you stay quiet. In addition, at the airport, the wait will be shorter.

If you only have one cabin baggage, go directly to the security controls. Also, if you have luggage to be placed in the hold, find a baggage counter. Arrive all the same with enough advance, baggage drop-offs and boarding gates close at least 30-40 minutes before departure.

Priority check in

Flying Blue Elite members (Gold and Platinum) who book flights from Nairobi to any destination can take advantage of the Priority Check In and Boarding option offered by them Kenya Airways, In addition, these passengers can access free of charge at the Kenyan company’s lounges with a single guest.

Travelers must first present their Flying Blue card at the counter so their miles will be systematically recorded

Check-in time limit:

Customers of Kenya Airways can therefore register online on its website, from 30 hours until 2h30 hours before departure (international flight) and 30 minutes (domestic flights).

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