Boarding pass

You are fed up to get to the airport to be stuck for hours in queues? Do you have only hand luggage with you? Kenya Airways offers the possibility to check-in online to all passengers and allows them to print their boarding pass hours or days in advance from their home. A simple solution, secure and fast!

If you register your flight by internet, you must choose between printing your paper boarding pass (A4 size) or saving it on your mobile.

Boarding time

The boarding card provided by Kenya Airways is that allows you to board a flights which are proposed the African airline. It will be given to you only after check-in.

however, please note that each passenger is required to respect the time limit to validate their presence on the flight. At Kenya Airways.

Two hours before the flight, online check-in will no longer be accessible, however, check-in at the airport closes three hours before departure.

The final boarding time is estimated at 45m before flight time.

Important: All the necessary information you will need to legally travel on a Kenya Airways flight is mentioned on the boarding pass, namely:

– The boarding gate,

– A flight number,

– An arrival airport,

– Passenger details.

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