Travel Insurance

Health problem, death in the family, dismissal … Nobody wants to cancel a trip prepared for a long time, but some circumstances are sometimes insurmountable!

A trip cancellation insurance covers Kenya Airways passengers effectively for the most common risks. An essential guarantee for the most expensive journeys.

The subscription of a trip cancellation insurance is in no way an obligation, and must be assessed by the passenger, on a case-by-case basis depending on the distance from the departure date. The greater or lesser probability that a problem arises … and of course the price of the trip.

If the trip represents a significant budget for the traveler and will only take place at a distant date, it would be extremely imprudent to do without a cancellation insurance.

Unless special conditions are offered by the agency or the airline, the only option open to an insecure traveler is often to exchange for another date.

An example to better understand what is the purpose of cancellation insurance?

The traveler booked a trip to Antananarivo for 200.000 KES, 5 days before departure, he breaks his leg, impossible to fly and travel in these conditions. The tour operator with whom he booked this trip retains 75% of costs for the cancellation of the trip, for a total amount of 156.000 KES.

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