Kenya Airways applies a new baggage policy on all of its network. With this modification, the business travelers can save more luggage in all classes.

Baggage allowance

On the international and regional network of Kenya Airways, the business class passengers can register 2 pieces of luggage (32kg for each piece) while Eco passengers, have the possibility to put in hold up to 46 kg (2 suitcases of 23 kilos max per piece).

For domestic flights, the baggage allowance is of a piece of 32 kg max for the Business Class and a bag of 23 kilograms for Economy Class travelers.

Sky Team Elite Plus and Elite members that own Platinum, Gold and Silver cards have the right to an additional piece of 32 kg in Business and 23kg in Eco.

Hand Baggage:

In addition, passengers will also be allowed to bring more weight on board in hand luggage. If you are traveling in Eco Class, you can carry only one piece of hand luggage of 12 kg. But, if you fly in class business, you’ll be entitled to a doubled franchise (Total weight allowed is 18kg).

Your cabin luggage can measure up to 55 x 25 x 35 cm (pockets, wheels and handles included).

Note: The luggage the following dimensions will be transported by freight service.

Objects prohibited:

When you travel with a cabin suitcase, you must give up to carry some number of articles, you must avoid to carry weapons, of course toys and imitations included, sharp instruments such as knives or scissors, flammable substances, blunt objects like, fishing rod, skateboard, kayak paddle, …

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