Mombasa airport

Mombasa Airport is one of the largest airports in the Republic of Kenya, it is located 9 km northwest of downtown Mombasas.

Having two runways of which one measuring 3350m, to accommodate any type of aircraft, the airport has four terminals, three of which are dedicated to passengers, the other terminal is intended for cargo activities, with a capacity of 2000 tons, its storage area is estimated at 1083m².

Access plans

The fastest access to the Kenyan airport is from the A109 motorway. Before arriving at the Total Kwa Jomvu service station, take the bend (left) then go through the road where Hotel Bismilah is located to get to the airport.

Means of access

The best way to get from Mombasa airport to the city center (or vice versa) is the Taxi.

Car Park

Parking spaces are available throughout the day, allowing the parking of 120 vehicles

Aeronautical Data


Contact Information

Phone: +254.203.577.058

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