Wajir airport

Wajir Airport was inaugurated in 1977 as a military air base. Thirty years later, more specifically in September 2017, it was opened to commercial passenger air traffic. Today, it has one hundred employees, it receives seven flights daily, usually served by Fly-SAX, offering connections for passenger and freight transport.

Access plans

La route B9 représente le lien direct en provenance du centre ville vers l’aéroport de Wajir. Les usagers de la route peuvent accéder directement à l’autoroute en direction est à partir de l’aéroport kenyan.

Nairobi is the main destination served by this airport, which is located at five hundred kilometers from Jomo Kenyatta, the main airport of the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Means of access

It is preferable to get to Wajir Airport by taxi as it is the most reliable and fastest way to get to it.

Car park

A parking of 150 places is available from the entrance to the terminal.

Aeronautical Data


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